12 January 2023

Check out our paper in Phys. Rev. B by Rasa Rejali et al., presenting a normalization procedure for high-bias tunneling spectroscopy.

23 November 2022

Robbie Elbertse successfully defended his PhD thesis titled Lifetime of atomic spin chains.

28 October 2022

Published in Nano Letters: Experimental determination of a single atom ground state orbital through hyperfine anisotropy by Laƫtitia Farinacci and coworkers.

27 September 2022

Rasa Rejali successfully defended her PhD thesis Building blocks for atomically assembled magnetic and electronic artificial lattices.

11 July 2022

Our paper Confined vacuum resonances as artificial atoms with tunable lifetime, by Rasa Rejali and coworkers, was published in ACS Nano.

16 December 2021

Postdoc Koen Bastiaans was awarded a Veni grant from NWO. He will use the grant to study emergent quantum states atom-by-atom.

28 May 2021

Today in Science, Lukas Veldman and coworkers demonstrate a new method to trace the coherent dynamics of two coupled atomic spins. The technique, which could be described as a means to overhear a conversation between the atoms, was covered in many news outlets including Gizmodo.