Atomic arrays paper in SciPost Physics

Have a look at our latest paper, published in SciPost Physics. Here we report on the investigation of atomic arrays of various shapes and sizes, built out of individual atomic vacancies. This way, we construct small artificial two-dimensional materials which show the beginnings of band formation.

SciPost is a recently initiated publication portal that is fully open-access. In contrast to most other journals, it features ‘peer-witnessed’ review. This means that the refereeing process is completely open and that anyone – so not just the invited referees – can contribute comments, resulting in a fair and transparent review process.

STM topography and corresponding local electron tunneling spectroscopy on various arrays built from atomic vacancies in the CuCl/Cu(100) surface. It can be observed that for denser lattices, the onset of the conduction band – originally at 3.5 eV – is shifted further downward.

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